DJ Roski delivers a PrideFEST taster


DJ Roski is ready for the start of PrideFEST 2015 tomorrow night. Roski’s shared a podcast of some of his favourite tunes to get everyone in the mood for the ‘Happy Pride’ party on Friday night.

The Happy Pride! event will feature some of the performers staging shows during the festival giving patrons a taster of some of the entertainment to come.

The kick off celebration with feature local band Randa and the Soul Kingdom and all girl rock band The Tommyhawks alongside DJ Roski.

The licenced event will be held in the Ampitheatre of the Cultural Centre and will be a great chance to catch up with everyone in the LGBTIQ+ communities to say “Happy Pride!”

Tickets are on sale now, but if you’re a Pride member you’ll be able to get in for free as long as you turn up before 8pm.

‘Happy Pride!’ is at the Ampitheatre in the Cultural Centre on Friday 6th November 2015. 

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