Terms and Conditions

All giveaways at OUTinPerth are offered under the following terms and conditions. Specific conditions may apply for some giveaways, these will be listed below the general conditions.

General Conditions

  1. All giveaways are offered by Speirins Media Pty Ltd trading as OUTinPerth.
  2. Giveaways at OUTinPerth are selected randomly unless an alternative selection process has been stipulated.
  3. All giveaways are drawn within 30 days of the competition closing. OUTinPerth aims to draw all giveaways on the day of closing and inform winners within 24 hours.
  4. Unless otherwise stipulated each email address can only enter each competition once.
  5. All winners will be informed via email. If there is a shortage of time, less than 48 hours,  between a competition being drawn and an event occurring, an SMS may be sent to winners.
  6. Wherever possible OUTinPerth will post giveaways to the winners.
  7. Event competitions may require winners to collect their prize at the event promoted whereby the winner may require Photo Identification to collect the prize; OUTinPerth suggests entrants use their names matching their identification when entering the giveaway to avoid any collection issues.
  8. Winners of event prizes are expected to provide their own travel to and from event.
  9. Records of OUTinPerth’s giveaways are kept for 12 months.
  10. Members of the public are welcome to witness the drawing of any OUTinPerth giveaway, please contact the editor at least 48 hours prior to the closing of the giveaway to arrange a viewing.
  11. Employees of Speirins Media Pty Ltd and their immediate family members are not entitled to enter giveaways. Immediate family member is considered to be, husband, wife, defacto partner, mother, father, son or daughter.
  12. Where indicated some giveaways may be only be available to people over 18 years of age. These may include giveaways that are for events on licensed premises and films that have a (R18+) rating.
  13. Giveaways for films that are rated (MA+) will be restricted to people 15 years and over
  14. Prizes are not transferable.
  15. Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  16. OUTinPerth holds no responsibility for prizes once they have been dispatched.
  17. OUTinPerth holds no responsibility for cancellation or rescheduling of shows or events.
  18. OUTinPerth will publish the names of prize winners on the OUTinPerth website.
  19. By entering a Giveaway or Competition at OUTinPerth you agree to recieving a follow up email relevant to the competition you entered.

Terms and conditions updated June 7th 2016.

Special Individual Giveaway Conditions:

Karma Rottnest The giveaway does not include travel to Rottnest or any additional costs beyond the accommodation.  

Giveaways Drawn

08-06-16 Culture Club (J. Chan) | 14-07-16 Grind (S. Spurway, J. Jordan) | 21-06-16 Ladyhawke (A. Hayes) | 25-06-16 Avalanches (A.Hayes, D.Gamble, S. Spurway) | 07-08-16 Punch Brothers (A. Fairfoul and R. Reid) | 30-08-16 Dolly Parton (C. Lissaman, E. Turner, K. Palmer, C Lord-Sole, A. Ismailjee) | 30-08-16 Barbara Streisand (K. Palmer, A. Goody, R. Hinton, W. Costello, M. Westbrook) | 21-10-16 Anthony Callea (S. Spurway, G. Harrison, P Goody-Rohdin, W. Costello, R. Powell) | 21-10-16 Usher (S. Yusoff, G. Harrison, B. Hardy, W. Costello, N. Warnick) | 21-10-16 Craig David (P. Goody-Rohdin, R. Craigie, S. Yusoff, A. Talbot, A. Goody) | 21-10-16 Missy Higgins (D. Gamble) | 21-10-16 Ronan Keating (K. Palmer) | 28-10-16 Gutenberg (B. Tillman) | 23-11-16 Jessica Mauboy (A. Soriano, C. Roberts, A. Ismailjee, K. Day, R. Barley) | 23-11-16 Barry Gibb (C. Roberts, C. Lord-Sole, K. Day, L. Lush, C. Hart) | 23-10-16 Women Like Us (K. Palmer, D. Gamble) 06-01-17 Moonlight film screening (D. Martin, L. Delaney) | 30-05-17  Todrick Hall (J, Tate, N. Ferreira) 30-05-17 CBD CD (D. Gamble, W. Costello, T.D. Day, S. Spurway) | 06-06-17 Patti Austin and James Morrison (R,J Hughes) | 12-06-17 Churchill (J., Hiscock, S. Dixon, TD Day, R. Fletcher, N. Percy) 17-06-17 Hounds of Love (B Sidhu, R. Adams, N. Hamer, S. Heywood, S. Mun). 19-06-17 42ns Street (E. Duncan, G Douglas- Meyer, D. De Christofaro,  A Todd, R. Jack Hughes) 3-11-17 Loving Vincent (D Heald, G DOuglas- Meyer, D. Hollister, J Pinow, B. Ramsden) 80-12-17 Karma Rottnest (B. Ramsden).