Janet King Returns

Janet KingMarta Dusseldorp is reprising her role from ‘Crownies’ as lawyer Janet King in a new TV series for the ABC.

The new series which is named ‘Janet King’ picks up a year after ‘Crownies’ finished. The lesbian lawyer has taken some time off after having a baby but now she’s heading back to work and back to the Crown Prosecutor’s Office.

Alongside Dusseldorp is a fair amount of the original ‘Crownies’ cast. Hamish Michael returns as Richard Stirling, Ella Scott is back as Erin O’Shaughnessy, alongside her housemate Lina played by Andrea Demetriades. Indiana Evans returns as Tatum Novak and Peter Kowitz character Tony Gillies is now the head of the DPP, and conservative Office Manager Tracy played by Jeanette Cronin is still there.

New to the cast is Damian Walshe Howling playing a newly recruited lawyer, Owen Mitchell. While Vince Colosimo stars as Police boss Jack Rizzoli and Sonia Todd is also onboard.

The only character that seems to have been lost during the shows hiatus and transformation are Tatum’s boyfriend Conrad LeGroot and good looking lawyer Benn McMahon played by Todd Lasance.

Unlike the original series which was 22 episodes long, this 8 part series is reportedly more focused on the legal aspects of the show and less on the characters personal lives.

Read our interview with Marta Dusseldorp and tune in to ABC1 on Thursday February 27th at 8:30pm for the first episode.

Graeme Watson

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