On This Gay Day: Economist John Maynard Keyes was born

John Maynard Keyes died on this day in 1948

Economist John Maynard Keyes died on this day in 1948, aged 62.

Keyes theories radically changed the field of macro-economics and the economic policies of governments around the world. So influential is his work it spawned the genre Keynesian economics.

Keyes was bisexual, and his early relationships were exclusively with men. While he was a student at Eton and Cambridge he had a series of romances which he documented in a secret diary.

Many of his friends were surprised when he began dating women in his 40s. In 1921 he began dating Russian ballerina Lydia Lopkova, but also had a male lover for the first few years of their romance. The couple wed in 1925.

During his life Keyes was a great supporter of the arts, particularly ballet and opera. He died in 1948 after suffering a series of heart attacks. His wife passed away in 1981.

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