Pam Ann: Queen of the Skies

Pam AnnOutrageous comedian Pam Ann has booked her ticket to return to Australia in 2014. Arm the doors, cross check and buckle the f**k up because she’s bringing her brand new show ‘Plane Filthy’ down under.

What have you been up to since we last spoke in July last year, what’s new with you?

I was in a relationship with a hot black man, broke up with the hot black man, made money, lost money, bought a house in LA and NY, became bi-coastal, met another black man not in a relationship, went to Cambodia, Germany, London, Italy and Mounted a Negro!!!

What’s the first thing you do when flying into a new city?

Get off the plane and get online to find a hook up!

I like your new yellow outfit, what’s cutting edge in the world of air hostess uniforms? (QANTAS apparently hate their new one)

Are you kidding? Martin Grant who designed the Qantas uniform designed a flawless, stylish airline uniform they should be so fucking lucky, ‘hate’ seriously! They could be wearing orange parkers like they do at EasyJet, so they should be grateful to Martin Grant. I love Martin Grant so much he is designing my next uniforms for my Aussie Tour so get that Qantas!!

Who was your favourite guest on your TV show?

Julia Morris is fierce and a sistah, she’s down to earth, funny as fuck and should have her own show! LOVE HER! Effie was fucking funny as well oh and Leo Sayer made me feel like a muppet which I loved!

What should you never do on an airplane?

Sit in Economy

Have you had anyone famous on your flights lately?

Alan Carr he’s my sistah also and makes me laugh till my sides split! LOVE her!

Pam Ann is appearing in Sydney on Mardi Gras weekend Thursday 27 and Friday 28 of February before heading to The Regal Theatre in Perth March 7 and then dates in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Graeme Watson,

Image: Sabrina Feige.

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