On the Spot: Justin Dorigo

DSC_0495We caught up with OUTinPerth reader Justin at Chappels On Whatley in Maylands and asked him a stack of random questions.

What’s your favourite sound? Running Water

Who would you like to punch? Tony Abbott

Who would you like to kiss? My partner

What do you collect?  Watches

What’s your favourite flavour? Cheese

What do you say too much?  LOL – in person

What is the first record you bought? Colour by Numbers by Culture Club

What is your greatest achievement?  A graduate diploma

Where can you get a great breakfast? Anywhere on Eighth Avenue

What is your favourite place in the world? Isle of Skye, Scotland

If the moon is made of cheese, what kind of cheese is made of? Stilton

Which are better speedos or trunks? Depends on who is wearing them?

If you were to turn into an animal, what would you be? A domestic pussy cat

If you were a contestent in Big Brother, how long would you last? I’d be the first one to go, or I would win.

What poster  was on your bedroom wall when you were a teenager? Jason Donovan