’13 Reasons Why’ actor Miles Heizer signs up for new series ‘The Corps’

Miles Heizer has signed on to play the lead role of Cameron Cope is a new 10-episode series The Corps for Netflix.

The series is adapted from author Greg Cope White’s 2016 memoir which details his experiences in the marine corps during the 1990’s when the US miliary introduced it’s ‘Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell’ policy.

The show will follow Cope as he and best friend Ray, played by newcomer Liam Oh, join the marine corps.

“As these two friends plunge into boot camp, where landmines are both literal and metaphorical, they join a platoon of young men on a harrowing journey of transformation,” the show’s official description reads.

Heizer is best known for his role in the TV series 13 Reasons Why where he played the bisexual character Alex Standall. He also appeared in the queer film Love, Simon back in 2018.

Greg Cope White’s memoir The Pink Marine is the basis for the series. Since leaving the military the author has gone on to have a successful career as a television host, producer and writer.


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