AEC equipment already purchased for failed plebiscite plan


The Australian Electoral Commission have revealed that supplies for the government’s now defunct plebiscite plan have already been purchased.

A recently established Senate Committee conducting an inquiry into marriage equality has heard that the AEC have ordered a range of now unnecessary supplies including stationary, ID badges and other equipment for polling.

The commission also told the committee they had arranged collection dates for a number of other materials, which will no longer be needed. The AEC did not say how much had already been spent on the supplies.

Senator Janet Rice, Greens LGBTI spokesperson, says the AEC were bound by the Coalition government.

“The government was intent on pouring millions down the drain for their divisive opinion poll,” Senator Rice said.

“Even when it was clear the plebiscite was doomed, the AEC was forced to go ahead with orders of materials.”

OIP Staff

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