Andy Murray says it’s time to get Margaret Court’s name off stadium

British tennis champion Andy Murray is the latest of a growing list of professional players saying it’s time Margaret Court’s name was taken off Melbourne’s stadium.

Margaret Court Arena is named after the Australian tennis champion in honour of her record breaking career in the 1960’s and 70’s.

In recent years however Court has become better known for her statements against the LGBTI community, her opposition to same-sex couples being allowed to be parents and stance against marriage equality. Court founded her own Pentecostal mega-church in Perth which is attended by thousands of followers.

Speaking to Pride Life, Murray said Court’s well publicised views were out of step with Tennis Australia’s values. Murray said it was a tough call to consider, but he would come down on the side of renaming the venue.

“Court was given a ceremony at the Australian Open this year to mark her achievements in the game, but the reception she received from the public was lukewarm. She has obviously offended and upset a lot of people over the years. I think the players certainly have spoken up, which is a positive thing.

“As far as renaming the venue. I think that yes, it’s something the sport should consider. I don’t know who makes the final decision on that but I don’t think her values are what tennis stands for. When you get to the Australian Open you want to concentrate on the tennis. Court’s views detract from that.” Murray said.

In 2020 Court was invited to the Australian Open to celebrate her the anniversary of her 1970 Grand Slam achievement, but the sport’s governing body put out a statement saying they did not agree with her personal views and Court was not given an opportunity to speak at the presentation.

The Perth based religious leader has shared her views on the LGBTIQ communities on many occasions including complaining that the sport of tennis was being overtaken by lesbians, suggesting that people become same-sex attracted because they thought about it, and arguing that many gay people have been sexually abused in the past.

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