Before this week, have you ever heard anyone say gendy nooch?

Gendy Nooch, it’s slang for gender neutral, and it’s one of several phrases and words the Macquarie Dictionary is considering for official inclusion in their tome.

“Each month we choose five from our words-to-watch list that have been submitted either by the public or by us,” Macquarie Dictionary’s Managing Editor, Victoria Morgan said.

Other words up for consideration this month are ‘cozzie livs’ a shortening of cost-of-living, ‘murder noodle’ for a venomous snake, and ‘password child’, which describes a parent’s favourite child being defined as the name they favour for their online passwords.

‘Tiger toast’ is described as toast spread with vegemite and then layered with stops of cheese.

Our advice for the week ahead is to lookout for the murder noodles, if your children ask if they’re in your password just tell them you need to change it every 90 days and you rotate it with their siblings, if they ask for tiger toast just tell them you can’t afford the cheese because of “cozzie livs” and just never ever refer to anyone as gendy nooch.

Previous months submissions have included some other gems, romantasy – a merging of the romance and fantasy literary genres, desk bombing – approaching someone at their desk unannounced, beach spreading – laying out various items across chairs at a beach cabana to stop other people using it, and funcle – your fun uncle who amuses you, didn’t the Pet Shop Boys write a song about that?

A Depression Room is a bedroom that has become untidy because of the occupant’s lack of motivation. Lewk – is when you nail a fashion trend, skin hunger is when you just want to touch someone, and a tuxedo cat is a black cat that has a splash of white on its chest making it look like it’s wearing a tuxedo.

OIP Staff

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