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Warner Music

Ten years after they broke up, Suede are back with a surprising album that’s been heralded as one of their best. From the opening track ‘Barriers’ the sound is distinctive, this is not Suede picking up from where they left us, but sonically travelling back to where their journey began. This album sounds like a continuation of their self titled debut, and it’s amazingly good. The classic sounds continue with ‘Snowblind’, ‘It Starts and Ends with You’ and ‘Sabotage’, all featuring Brett Anderson’s trademark wail, before setting down a little for the rest of the album. Just awesome.
Graeme Watson

Karl HydeKarl Hyde



Underworld’s vocalist cuts a surprsing solo album that is a stunning mix of classical and ambient beauty. Ambient musicians Leo Abrahams and Brian Eno also feature on the album. This collection of folk infused songs created with electronic sounds is a long way from the repetitive beats of Underworld and shouts of “Lager, Lager, Lager”. This is a laid back album, psychedelic in places. Slip on the headphones and lose yourself. Highlight tracks include ‘Slummin It For The Weekend’, the melancoly ‘Sleepless’ and the trippy ‘Final Rays of the Sun’.       Graeme Watson

Tne Yeah Yeah YeahsYeah, Yeah, Yeah’s



Back with their fourth album, under the guidance of respected Producer Nick Launay, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s release possibly their most interesting work yet. The lead single ‘Sacrilidge’ is a rocking number but the album heads into quieter and spooky teritory with ‘Subway’ and even dabbles with African rhythms on ‘Mosquito’. Karen O’s intriguing voice have always been what makes this band stand out from the crowd. Here she morphs through a range of vocal styles and is treated to a heavy dose of effective reverb. ‘Always’ is the albums most chilled out cut, totally dreamy and woozy. – Graeme Watson

John Grant

John GrantPale Green Ghosts

Bella Union

Anyone expecting this second solo release from the frontman of The Czars to be anything like his former band, or his 2010 debut album – which saw him collaborating with Midlake – is in for a shock. Grant has delved into the world of electronic music. Combined with his strong lyrics it’s a sound not too far from some of Stephen Merritt’s produce. Sinead O’Connor appears on three tracks, her frail voice a perfect counterpart to Grant’s firm vocals.  In his previous work Grant has tackled his addictions and his sexuality and now he candidly shares his struggles with being HIV positive. Its a serious record with a slightly disco sound.   Graeme Watson

Will i


Interscope has made a career out of catchy tunes, with electro beats and light raps. From the million dollar selling singles of his band The Black Eyed Peas to his many  collaborations, he knows what we like and here is another heavy dose. Adding to the dancefloor fillers of ‘This Is Love’ with Eva Simmons and ‘Scream and Shout’ with Britney Spears, are new collaborations; ‘Fall Down’ with Miley Cyrus, ‘That Power’ with Justin Bieber and ‘Love Bullets’ with Skylar Grey. Do you need to buy this CD? Probably not.  You’re guaranteed to hear it played to death every weekend.     Graeme Watson    

Clubbers Guide 2013Various

Clubbers Guide to 2013


Ministry of Sound’s annual Clubbers Guide is, as you’d expect a banging soundtrack for the next year’s worth of Saturday night raves. Chock full of remixes, original tracks and even a bit of old school Prodigy, the 2013 offering is sure to get you in the mood to dance the night away at your favorite club. There are some massive tracks here such as Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ and the Presets ‘Promises’. All in all, if you are a fan of dance, house, or electro music or any derivative of the above you will not disappointed with this album.  – Troy Treeby


British IndiaBritish India


Liberation Music

On first listen to British India’s latest release ‘Controller’ you would be forgiven if you thought you had heard it all before.  The two hit singles ‘I Can Make You Love Me’ and ‘Summer Forgive Me’ are catchy and certainly getting a lot of radio play but could easily have fallen off the back of the band’s previous three albums.  And although the Melbourne lads provide some solid indie rock, they are by no means re-inventing the wheel. Arguably the stand-out track is the least heavy sounding of all, with the slower, more moody styling’s of ‘Crystals’ providing a welcome down-beat change. – Troy Treeby

Summer Festival AnthemsVarious Artists

One Love Summer Festival Anthems 2013

One Love

Now Kimmie, I’ve got one word to say to you: fun! And fun definitely is the operative word with Summer Festival Anthems 2013 which is mixed by Generik. Think summer cocktails on the beach; sweaty but oh so fun festivals; house parties with your mates; or even just a few drinks before heading to the Court or Connies. Featuring the likes of Avicii, Florence + the Machine, Icona Pop, Calvin Harris, Rudimental, Flume, Dizzee Rascal and heaps more, if this album doesn’t get you shaking your money maker – nothing will.  – Troy Treeby

Vicious CutsjpgVarious Artists

Vicious Cuts 2013


Vicious Cuts 2013 definitely sits on the heavier end of the electro dance spectrum but still has enough banging remixes to keep most club kids happy. A major standout is definitely the Peking Duk remix of ‘I’m Corrupt’ which takes D Cup’s funky dance tune and puts it through a heavy bass spin cycle. Also, the Sebastian remix of Van She’s ‘Idea of Happiness’ deserves a tip of the cap for making a great song just that bit better with a sweet dance beat.  A-Track and Tommy Trash’s banger ‘Tuna Melt’ is another hot tip for something a little bit different. – Troy Treeby


Martha WashMartha Wash

Something Good


The legendary vocalist who has had an armful of club hits over the decades releases her second full length album, a good twenty years after the first. While Wash is known for her vocal house club hits here she offers a good mix of ballads, gospels numbers and inspiring songs. ‘Proud’ is dying for a drag queen to emotionally lyp-snyc it, ‘I’ve Got You’ is a killer ballad, while ‘Something Good’ and ‘I’m not Coming Down’ will lighten your mood whenever you’re down. Uplifting and positive..                      – Graeme Watson   

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