Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile release new collaboration

Two of our favourite indie musicians have teamed up and recorded and album together!

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile’s collaborative album is called Lotta Sea Lice, and they’ve just released their second single from the record.

Continental Breakfast is a laid back tune with a country vibe with Courtney and Kurt’s vocals intertwined.

The video for the song uses intimate home footage shot over four days of Kurt and Courtney in their respective family environments surrounded by friends and relatives.

Continental Breakfast goes beyond being a mere music video and becomes a mini documentary of sorts, capturing candid, honest moments that show the loving and playful nature of both musicians.

Danny Cohen, who directed the clip, spent time which each of the performers in their home environments.

“‘Continental Breakfast’ was made while spending time with Courtney and Kurt in Melbourne and Philadelphia, it’s an intimate home movie into their lives and the time spent with family and friends between recording and touring.”

Shot on 16mm, the mini-documentary captures honest moments that show the loving and playful nature of both musicians.

“It was such a treat to experience life with Courtney and Kurt in their natural habitats. It really left me feeling like part of the family and hopefully fans can feel that too.” Cohen said,

The new tune is out now, and the album will be available on 13 October.

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