‘Doctor Who’ fans are loving the moment three sexually diverse characters met

Fans of sci-fi show Doctor Who are loving a moment when three sexually diverse characters conversed during the show’s most recent episode.

When it was announced that new companion Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie, was a lesbian the show’s creators were quick to point out that it wasn’t a big deal, and they were praised for making Bill’s sexuality just a part of her character.

In the first nine episodes of the show we got to see Bill meet a nice girl who promptly was transformed into a puddle by a rogue alien, her later attempts at dating were interrupted by The Pope – such is the life of the travelling companion of an alien time-traveler.

In the show’s most recent episode Bill, Nardole and the Doctor travel through time and space to second century Scotland to find out what happened to the Roman Army’s ninth legion.

Chatting to a handsome Roman soldier Lucius, Bill breaks it to him that she only likes girls. Lucius declares that he’s cool with that – but considers himself to be normal – liking people of all genders. He notes another one of the soldiers only likes men.

Pearl Mackie said she thought the scene was hilarious because it turned stereotypes on their head.

Check out a clip of the scene below. Doctor Who airs on the ABC on Sundays. 

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