Drag DJ duo Jawbreakers cover Ashlee Simpson on debut single ‘Boyfriend’

Drag DJ/producer duo Jawreakers have just dropped their debut single Boyfriend featuring AMUNDA and announce their upcoming EP, Just A Taste.

Boyfriend is a modern-day remake of Ashlee Simpson’s 2005 hit, and The Jawbreakers version brings the track into 2022 and features vocals from AMUNDA (formerly from Operator Please).

Its accompanying music video, directed by Nyssa Mitchell, conceptualized by Jawbreakers with editing and FX by Zachary McSweeney, is a technicolour dream, with Kali and Sabrina dressed in eye-catching looks.

Kali and Sabrina first met in 2016, performing in a Britney Spears tribute show in Melbourne. They immediately clicked as both came from similar middle-class, nuclear family backgrounds, discovered drag via their passions for musical theatre, and began their individual adventures into the art form after high school.

When they learned of their shared interest in music production, they decided to join forces as a DJ duo. They bought a mixer and six months later they were in business.

“The biggest hurdle was deciding who stands where in the booth,” Kali explains. “Sabrina is left-handed and I’m right. We had to fight over who uses the left and right DJ decks. Swapping throws off our groove!”

Their Jawbreakers name harkens back to the iconic candy from their childhoods and the 1998 teen film that starred Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz as the “it” girl clique who reign supreme in their high school. “It’s a reflection on how the drag that we do is heavily inspired by pop culture,” Kali continues.

“Like the girls in the movie, we dress to have fun and through the music we play and the energy that we exude, it makes everyone want to party with us!”

The duo has already headlined several international festivals including Sydney Mardi Gras and Milkshake Festival in Netherlands. Their next big gig will be Summer Camp Festival where they will perform alongside Years and Years, Big Freedia and The Veronicas.

They are also slated to perform the next Goodlife U18 event, as well as Adelaide Festival, St Kilda Festival and Melbourne Pride.

 Boyfriend is available from Jan 21 via  Extrovert Music, a brand new division of Vicious Recordings. 

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