Greens candidate Aeron Blundell-Camden speaks up for Safe Schools

Save Safe Schools Rally 031

The Greens Candidate for the seat of Canning in the July 2nd federal election brings an expert opinion to the debate over the Safe Schools Coalition program.

Aeron Blundell-Camden is a former school psychologist with first hand experiences of how bullying affects school students.

At last weekend’s ‘Save Safe Schools’ rally in central Perth the aspiring politician spoke out about the importance of the program and how the party’s he’s representing is committed to funding the program.

Paraphrasing and acknowledging the late Harvey Milk, Blundell-Camden greeted the people protesting the changes to the anti-bullying program saying “I am here to recruit you to the gay agenda”.

“It is a revolutionary agenda that will no doubt shock many people in the community, perhaps even some of you here today. But I’m just gonna come out and say it. Simply put, our agenda is one of love, compassion and tolerance. A desire for every person in society to live a happy, fulfilling life, no matter who they are or whom they happen to love. Shocking, I know.” Blundell-Camden said.

Blundell-Camden said he himself had struggled with his sexuality as a teenager and wished a program like the Safe Schools Coalition had been in place during his high school years.

“I cannot put into words how much I wish that Safe Schools had been around when I was growing up. I actually started tearing up when I began reading the Safe Schools curriculum because it was exactly what I needed then and it is exactly what LGBTI young people need now.” Blundell-Camden told the crowd.

The Greens candidate argued that the anti-bullying program was a vital part of tackling the high rates of mental illness, drug and alcohol misuse and suicide among LGBTIQA young people.

Blundell-Camden said young people who come out as gay, bisexual or transgender should still be considered brave. The aspiring politician praised young people who are open about their sexuality saying it led to greater awareness and understanding that allowed myths and misconceptions to be shattered.

Blundell-Camden is running against incumbent Liberal member Andrew Hastie. The former soldier was election to the seat in a by-election in 2015 following the unexpected death of longstanding member Don Randall.

The seat of Canning faces slight boundary changes at the election due to the creation of the new federal seat of Burt but is considered to be a fairly safe seat for the Liberals. Former policeman Barrie Winmar is standing for the Labor party.

Today Blundell-Canning said it was disappointing that Liberal politician Andrew Hastie has suggested the anti-bullying program should be cut as a cost-saving measure.

“Govenment spending on education and mental health is a vital investment for a healthy and productive society and should never be seen as burdensome optional extras that can be slashed to balance the books.” Blundell-Camden said.

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