Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman leads upcoming LGBTIQ+ horror film

Actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman leads the cast of an upcoming horror film, pitting him against some dangerously homophobic neighbours in Spiral.

The Unreal star and Canada’s Drag Race judge is Malik, who moves to a quaint new town with his partner Aaron (Ari Cohen) and daughter Kayla (Jennifer Laporte) to start a new life.

The trailer takes a dark turn when the couple discover other LGBTIQ+ families who’ve moved to town were not met with a warm welcome.

“It’s not only socially relevant in terms of what’s going on in the world in terms of the Black Lives Matter movement, and police brutality against Black bodies, but the level of awareness from the Caucasian population of the world at large,” Bowyer-Chapman said of the film.

“A film about a person who really does live at the intersections of otherness, who is Black and queer, who is in a relationship with a white partner, who’s surrounded by white people in all of his experiences, and being gaslit, facing implicit biases and blatant or subtle acts of racism that occur on a daily basis… I think that this story is being told now, and the world gets to see it now, people are going to get it in a way that they couldn’t have six months ago.”

Check out the trailer below. Spiral launches today on new horror streaming service Shudder.

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