Julia Zemiro takes Magda Szubanski back to her childhood home

Julia Zemiro takes Magda Szubanski back to her childhood haunts in the new series of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.  

Magda takes Julia to her childhood home and recalls hours spent sitting in front of the TV balancing a cushion on her head, and the aluminium windows that inspired the creation of
her character Sharon Strzelecki. She shares that she covered her bedrooms walls with pictures of Robert Redford and David Bowie, and wouldn’t have been confident enough as a teenager to put up a picture of a female crush.

Then it’s off to the Croydon Tennis Club and Magda and Julia play a doubles match against an unlikely opponent.

At Siena College Magda opens up about her high school years, about coming out and her current complex relationship with the church. Then at Melbourne University Magda talks about her experiences as a social worker, how she ended up in comedy and the responsibility of being part of public debate.

Julia’s other guests in the seventh series of the program includes Costa Georgiadis, Nakkiah Lui, Bill Bryson, Judith Lucy, Gillian Triggs, Ian Chappell, Bill Oddie, Shane Gould and Adam Liaw.

The series returns to ABC TV on Wednesday 8th October, and the episode with Magda airs on 16th October.  

OIP Staff