Liberals tipped to revisit marriage equality position

The federal Liberal party is tipped to revisit its policy position on marriage equality in the near future.

The government has been steadfast in its declaration that a national plebiscite is the only way forward for long running debate, despite the legislation failing to gain support in the parliament.

Queensland MP Warren Entsch, who is supportive of marriage equality, has told The Australian that he believes the issue will be debated in the party room in the near future.

Entsch said he wouldn’t be pushing for his colleagues to change their views on the issue, but rather simply allow a free vote in parliament.

“We have been working on this for a while now. I would hope and expect that it’s going to come to some discussion very shortly,” he said. “The argument I’ll put up is I don’t want to change their (his colleagues’) views. I hope over time they realise that they don’t reflect reality.

“All I want to do is to have the opportunity of putting my vote. If they want to say ‘no’ that’s fine (but) we’re getting close to a point where we’re ready for it.” Entsch told the newspaper.

Yesterday politicians from the Liberal party, Labor party and The Greens joined the Equality Campaign for the launch of a new series of pamphlets that aim to reach out to multicultural communities and explain the importance of marriage equality.

Published in nine different languages the pamphlets aim to encourage more discussion about the issue in migrant and multicultural communities.

Earlier this year the Marriage Alliance highlighted that support for traditional marriage was high in these communities, the polling the claim relied upon has been widely disputed.

Alongside the English version of the pamphlets there are also versions in Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Italian, and Spanish. The resources can be downloaded from The Equality campaign’s website.

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