Perfect Tripod Coming to Perth

155525_161320647341357_1314435169_n[1]Well known music and comedy group Tripod are teaming up with Offspring star and musician Eddie Perfect to tour Australia with their exciting new show ‘Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs’.

Having performed for seventeen years now, the Tripod trio are well known for combining humour and music, Yon explained to OUTinPerth how things are going to be a bit different this tour.

“It’s not a Tripod gig, it’s not an Eddie gig, it’s not a comedy gig but it’s not just a music gig either. It’s kind of this weird thing, I’m really chuffed that people are just prepared to listen to us sing and not do jokes, which is what a lot of it is!”

The group will be delivering an eclectic mix of Australian tunes remade into a capella tunes that focus primarily on voice over instrumental. Yon gave a teaser of some songs to expect,

“One of my favourites is Men At Work – ‘Overkill’, there’s a Lanie Lane song, there’s ‘You’re The Voice’ … I guess I’ll blow that surprise, I wasn’t supposed to mention that one!”

Yon laughed over the professional relationship with the youngest addition to the tour, Eddie Perfect, who seems to be more of an adult than the Tripod trio combined:

“He’s the youngest of the four of us but he’s actually kind of the most grown up. I think living in our three part bubble we’ve maybe not grown up as much as he has, he’s had to face the big bad world on his own.

“I think that’s really obvious when you spend time with him so, you know, we feel ashamed but at the same time admiration, let’s just say that”.

Back to discussing the show, Yon encouraged anyone who appreciates decent vocals to head down.

“It feels like an early Tripod show because we’re doing other peoples songs but we’re messing with them a little bit, and there’s not a lot of instrumentation, so its very vocals based. There’s a hell of a lot of singing so if people like singing they’ll definitely like the show”.

The Perfect Tripod will be performing at the Regal Theatre on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August. Grab your tickets here.

Nadine Walker

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