Radio station 3CR marks Trans Day of Visibility with a special broadcast

Tune into Melbourne community radio station 3CR on Sunday as they present a special day of broadcasting highlighting Trans Day of Visibility.

Tune in from 12-7pm (Eastern time) to hear from a diverse range of trans and gender-diverse programmers covering transgender art, music, culture, politics, wellbeing and resilience, aimed towards troubling and busting the western gender binary. Towards a trans day of audibility!

Tilde Joy, who is coordinating the special broadcast chatted to us about what’s going to be filing the airwaves.

Is this the first time the station has held a special day of broadcast for Trans Day of Visibility, why is this an important celebration to mark for 3CR?

This is the first time 3CR has held an event like this for TDoV. I think this is important to us as a station because trans people are in the spotlight politically at the moment, and the station has always been at the forefront of giving marginalised communities their platform and their voice. Here in Narrm (so-called Melbourne) over the summer a fairly prominent member of the trans community, Bridget Flack, passed away, and that really shattered so many of us. I think this event gives us an opportunity to regroup, and to demonstrate our resilience, and our (sub)culture, and our joy, and to be heard on our own terms.

For people who are not familiar with the station can you give us a quick rundown of it’s history, and mission?

3CR has been around since 1976, so we’ll be celebrating our 45th year on the air soon! From the beginning it’s always been about being a radical voice in the community, and forging genuine partnerships with communities who we may not hear from in other media outlets.

There’s a huge range of languages on the air, and so many great Indigenous programmers, and a real focus on communities that face struggle, and the LGBTQIA+ community is definitely part of that.

How did you get involved in Broadcasting?

I started when some comrades and I took over a week of the the SUWA show, Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves. That week of the show was reserved for our union, the Industrial Workers of the World, and some of our elders in the union were keen to hand the show on to a younger generation. So I got my start there, and since then I’ve also become a programmer on Stick Together, a nation-wide show about unionism and social justice.

Aside from yourself, who are you excited about having participate in the broadcast?

We’ve got so many great shows on, in particular Priya Kunjan from Thursday Breakfast is bringing us an interview with architect and DJ Simona Castricum, to talk about the politics of spaces, and built environments, and how trans people navigate that.

We’ve also got a cracker of a programme from Megan Williams of Earth Matters and Dirt Radio, they’re bringing us a show about the non-binary drag scene here in Narrm, and some of the politics around AFAB queens. Those two would be my pick of the crop!

What type of things can people expect when they tune in.

We’ll be covering everything from healthcare to incarceration, to language and community leadership. There’s a strong emphasis on music too which I’m stoked about, the Sweet Dreams crew will be coming in and playing lots of great music from queer and trans artists, and we’re also having two live sets from local noise artists Serene Ailment and UBOA to close out the show.

In general the theme is binary busting, so there’s an emphasis on non-binary experiences, but also just the harm that strict gender binaries do in our communities, and in particular on colonised Indigenous and non-western peoples.

Trans Day of Visibility is celebrated on 31st March, 2021.

Tune in to the broadcast online

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