Rapid HIV Testing Now Available at the M Clinic


Getting a result for an HIV test is now faster and easier than ever before! And we are very pleased to announce Rapid HIV testing is now available at the M Clinic.

We know very well, that for some guys the idea of going in for an HIV test and then having to wait nearly a week for their result can be a bit challenging and can cause some stress and anxiety, but now with rapid testing, hopefully getting an initial result during your appointment will alleviate some of these feelings.

The rapid HIV test is performed through a simple finger prick test. This means your finger will be pricked for a small amount of blood. The blood will then be tested to see if HIV antibodies are present; HIV antibodies would be present in someone with HIV.

The test is very quick, so guys will get an initial result during their appointment.

At the moment the rapid test we are offering is through a study in partnership with the Kirby institute at the University of NSW. As it is through the study, guys are still required to give blood from their arm for confirmatory results.

If guys are interested in having a rapid HIV test, they will have to read over and sign a participant information sheet and consent form; available on the M Clinic website (www.mclinic.org.au) under ‘Pre-Test Check-In’.

For more information on Rapid HIV testing and Ending HIV go to www.endinghiv.org.au

Tony Bober

M Clinic

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