Review | ‘Casting Off’ inspires audiences to be over the top

Casting Off | De Parel | Until 2 Feb | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ 

“You can either be happy, or right. I choose to be happy and I am most happy when doing handstands…”

Three infectious, cheeky and heart warming women look right at us as if we’re the ones about to perform. They tinker with words and sounds and small gestures to begin, as people rustle and compete for the perfect view. Three generations of women, three bold beings and three delightful styles of humour parade the space, as if inviting us into the warmth and absurdity of their living room. Little do we know, we’re about to witness a world-class circus extravaganza…

There’s no recorded music, minimal light design and an almost bare stage. Watch as they tumble and dive through flips, climbs and tricks of wisdom. Sharing stories and lives, advice and affirmations, strength and vulnerability as they take you through a celebration of being a living and breathing human.

A raw, authentic, wholesome gulp of the sheer strength of women – both in spirit and physicality. You can’t help but reflect on the family tree, different life experiences and the connectedness of women, and ultimately humans. Full of laughter, tears, and the quiet moments of every day life. The trio balancing the epic-ness and simplicity of life, with the nugget of truth that you needn’t take yourself too seriously, to honestly trust, and that silliness is a must.

Inspiring us all to be fearlessly over the top. You’ve reached the top, and gone over it. Well done you!!!

Applauding the duality of humanity, we soar through the perfectly imperfect – which is, in fact perfect. “There are no failures, just opportunities.”

If you’re looking for a little soul warming, belly cackling, and MAGIC, bring everyone you know. – be it girl, boy, woman, or man, friend of a friend, nephew of a niece, someone off the street, all walks of the feet.

My only disappointment is that… I need to know… Is the trio in-fact, grandmother, mother and daughter? Not that it alters my experience or adoration, but a gal can dream…

See Casting Off until 2nd February.

Talia Hart is a musician and actor from The Actors Hub collective. She is most passionate about humanity’s ability to inspire change through the art of storytelling and movement.

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