Review | Confusion for Three dances through a messy relationship

Confusion for Three | PICA | til Nov 17 | ★ ★ ★ ½ 

Confusion for Three is an intense exploration of the messy experiences of sex, sexuality and relationships using the medium of dance. Intentionally lacking in aesthetically pleasing manoeuvres, the choreographer Jo Lloyd, takes her audience underneath the surface of our emotional selves and into the gritty, passionate, challenging world of emotional confusion that a relationship of three can bring.

From the beginning, long pauses start to create tension. The trio eye each other off, not moving, making the relationship focus obvious. What follows is a journey of stilted, halted movements interspersed with changing relationship formations between the three. No attempt has been made to make these relationships look comfortable or easy. As the show progresses, the three performers delve deeper, seeking to unearth the very core of their emotional truths. I was impressed and appreciative of the level of vulnerability the performers brought to the show.

The space was used well. Minimal props left the audience with no distractions. A number of creative methods were used to show the progression of delving deeper emotionally including lifting up the flooring. The audio choices, while unusual, were well suited and blended beautifully with the dance.

This show wasn’t designed to give the audience an answer. It depicts the uncomfortable truth that sometimes people become disillusioned and give up on love. Throwing a bouquet of flowers was a beautiful touch that brought a little humour in the end.

I was left with the impression that Jo Lloyd is an intense woman, wanting to express a dissatisfaction with the images of love and relationship often depicted in our culture. Instead wanting to replace that image with the deeper, painful truths of the struggle our intimate relationships can bring. She succeeded.

Confusion for Three is on at PICA until Saturday 17th November. Tickets and more information available from

Halimah Halse


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