Sherry Sufi quits as Liberal candidate for Fremantle


Sheri Sufi

Sherry Sufi, Liberal candidate for the division of Fremantle, has announced he’s quitting.

At the start of the week the head of the WA Liberals policy making group was snubbed by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The PM made a major announcement in Fremantle but the local candidate was nowhere to be seen after his campaign got caught up in a series of PR disasters.

Comments Sufi had previously made about marriage equality and recogising aboriginal people in the constitution were re-reported in the in the media.

Earlier this year Sufi told Buzzfeed News that recognising Indigenous Australians in the constitution was “a move to divide the country”.

It was also highlighted that in 2013, he linked acceptance of same-sex marriage with polygamy and polyamory.

Sufi said calls for marriage equality were a “a perfidious and futile attack on language” that would lead to polygamous and poly-amorous relationships seeking recognition.

The aspiring politician had said society would need to create the words ‘homogyny’ to describe relationships with multiple women and ‘homoandry’ for a union between multiple men.

Concern has also been raised suggesting that Sufi may have embellished his resume when putting himself forth for pre-selection.

Announcing that he was pulling the plug on his campaign Sufi said he did not want to become a distraction for the Liberal party during the campaign.

“I am doing this in light of continued focus on events from my history,” Sufi said.

“I apologise if my words and actions have caused offence to anyone. This was never my intent”

As well as resigning as the Liberal’s candidate for Fremantle Sufi will also be stepping down from his role as the chair of the WA Liberal party’s policy group.

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