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Tyler OakleyTyler Oakley is one of YouTube’s most watched video blogging personailities. With his catch cry of ‘Sit on My Face’ his regular videos entertain over a million followers who check in regularly on his updates about gay life and culture

Your first video ‘Raindrops’ is simple, open and honest. What was your motivation to start vlogging? I first started vlogging at the beginning of my freshman year of college. My friends and I had all gone off to different universities, and as a way to keep in touch, I decided to start making videos. My first videos, which are now private, were long, unedited, talking directly to specific friends. I remember one day seeing that I had 100 views on one of them – which boggled my mind, since I knew I didn’t have 100 friends. I then realized there was more of a community out there on YouTube, with a potential audience to watch. My ‘first’ video ‘Raindrops’ was not actually my first; it’s just the earliest video of mine that wasn’t too personal.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your videos and how do you stand out from the ever growing community of YouTubers? When it comes to entertainment, the majority of what I consume is the content produced by other YouTubers. I love discovering new creators, and watching the ones I’ve stuck around with for years. They inspire me to create more, better content. As far as standing out – I’ve always just assumed by being myself, people will want to keep watching. It’s worked so far!

At what point did you realise that vlogging might open doors to something bigger?  Back in college, I started getting opportunities from my YouTube presence – whether it was internships with PR Firms or The Trevor Project, or creating online content for Michigan State University itself. It was never my goal to do it as a career, it just kind of stemmed from me spending my free time doing what I loved.

You’ve been tweeting and sharing some of your experiences of hanging with some pretty big celebritities, what do you think has been the key to your success? I live a life that I personally would want to follow on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and Instagram and YouTube.

What are some of the strangest requests you’ve gotten and the weirdest gifts you’ve received? The most common thing is to ask if I’ll call or make a video for one of their friends, but I also get asked if they can touch my butt, if I will go to prom with them, if they can twerk with me, if they can kiss me on the cheek. I always say that if you want to take a picture with me, we have to do a fun pose, so come prepared. I am down for almost any pose!

You’ve openly asked celebrities to “sit on your face”, have you had many requests of the same nature yourself..? Well, what we really want to know is does vlogging improve your sex life? I’ve totally had people ask me, and the strangest thing is, it’s usually a 14 year old girl who had no clue what she’s getting herself into. I cringe. And yes, vlogging totally improved my sex life.

Besides being in One Direction or looking like Darren Criss what do you look for in a guy? Someone who can make me laugh and hold a conversation, as well as someone who has their own stuff going on and is motivated. Also scruff and a cute butt.

How do you deal with haters online and on the streets? I thank them for the promo and wish them all the happiness I currently experience.

Do you think you might ever stop vlogging? I have no plans to! I’ve always said I’ll vlog until I no longer like it, and after 6 years, I love it more than ever.

You’ve moved around the states from San Fran to LA and have posted ‘how to take over’ videos from the many other places you’ve visited, have you got plans to come visit us in Australia? I’m going to NY this month, followed by a few back and forth trips to London, and hopefully Australia by fall. Stay tuned! I want to go everywhere… ;]

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