Anesu is amped up for Flewnt’s Boorloo Block Party this weekend


Local MC Flewnt is hosting an epic block party and he’s invited some of his favourite artists to join the fun.

The event, held at the European Foods Warehouse is set to feature Boorloo’s deadliest hip-hop acts. A huge line-up are taking part in the event which will be a mix of collaboration and celebration. Local musician Anesu shared their excitement about taking to the stage in front of a live band.

The local hip-hop musician has enthralled fans with their two singles to date Black Girl and Crown, a live setting is a chance to see what else Anesu has in their repertoire.

While fans are eagerly awaiting the next offering from the local hip-hop artist, Anesu admits that there can be some confusion online because it turns out there’s more than one hip artists named Anesu.

“There’s more than one.” they confirmed, saying that while their name sounds unique in Australia, it’s not so intriguing where they grew up in Zimbabwe. “It’s a very common name back home.”

“It surprise me that sometimes Australians struggle to pronounce it, because it’s pronounced the same way that it’s spelt. I’m an Aries, so I kind of like being different.”

While Anesu has been performing in front of local audiences for the last two years, they recently added a live band, sharing that the live elements adds a lot of energy to their performances – something that they’re eager to bring to the massive Boorloo Block Party event this weekend.

“It’s such a cool lineup of talented artists, so it’s great to be part of it, I wasn’t really expecting it.

“I’ll be playing with a live band, which I’ve only done once this year, so that’s a new edition to my live performance, and you can expect some new unreleased tracks that are going to be coming out later this year, and just some grimey, upfront, political raps.” Anesu said.

“I’m excited to every single performer, there’s a lot of people I admire, and a lot people I’ve never been able to see live. It’s such a cool opportunity for us all to be in the same space.”

Anesu said they like to cover a wide range of topics in their work but everything came from their own experiences.

“I like to talked about my lived experiences. I want people to understand what it’s like to come from a Black background, from a queer background. I really just want to represent people who don’t have a voice, and encourage them to speak up more often.”

The performers growing legion of fans won’t have long to wait for new music, with Anesu planning a new release within the next few months, and with the WA border opening for the first time in almost two years, Anesu is also looking forward to the chance to meet fans outside of WA in the future too.

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