Benjamin Norris quits popular podcast ‘TV Blackbox’

Broadcaster Benjamin Norris has quit his role on popular podcast TV Blackbox and his hosting role on streaming show The Ben, Rob and Robbo Show, as he launches his own podcast series.

Norris first came to prominence as the winner of reality TV show Big Brother back in 2012, since then he’s been a regular broadcaster on radio and television.

Last year he joined the popular TV industry podcast TV Blackbox and the online streaming chat show The Ben, Rob and Robbo Show. Both vehicles are produced and hosted by former Studio 10 producer Rob McKnight.

Norris has now announced that as the new year begins he is leaving both shows to focus on his own podcast TV Reload which will take people behind the scenes of some of the biggest reality TV shows in Australia.

Norris told industry website Radio Today that he was moving on but McKnight was supportive of his new venture.

“I’ve made the decision to resign and will be leaving both projects to focus on some really exciting new opportunities,” Norris said in a statement to Radio Today. 

“I am grateful for the experience gained whilst working with Rob McKnight, it’s taught me a lot. I have discussed this with Rob McKnight and I am thankful he has nothing but support for my decision.

“I wish the team at McKnight Productions all the best and look forward to hearing about his new venture with LIVE+.”

This week McKnight announced he be launching a new streaming platform that would be a combination of live and pre-recorded content.

The first episode of TV Reload features an in depth interview with Alex Mavroidakis, the Executive Producer of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here who discusses how they decide which celebrities head into the jungle.

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