Bernardi Restates Polyamory and Bestiality Concerns

Faceboo_Profile[1]Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is standing by his controversial comments linking same sex marriage to polyamory and bestiality, citing a new petition to parliament from the polyamorous movement as evidence that he was right.

Last year during the debate on same sex marriage the senator insinuated that allowing same sex marriage would lead to calls for marriage between multiple partners and people wanting to legalise sexual relationships with animals. Shortly afterwards the Senator resigned from his position as a parlimentary secretary.

Senator Bernardi has told Fairfax Media, “There is actually now a petition been put together for the House of Representatives by Green activists to legally recognise multi-member unions,”

The petition the senator referred to was submitted by the Polyamory Action Lobby that was calling for the full recognition of polyamorous families.

The Senator says he still believes that ‘creepy people’ will start asking for permission to have relationships with animals, stating today that while it was a radical example, it is linked to a radical agenda from the Greens Party.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young labelled Senator Bernardi’s comments as disgraceful, saying “Linking the love that thousands of Australian couples share to bestiality is disgraceful,

“The last time he espoused this type of ignorant hate speech Cory Bernardi was forced to resign as Tony Abbott’s Parliamentary Secretary. It seems he hasn’t learnt anything since the last time he was condemned by his own colleagues.”

Australian Marriage Equality (AME) has called for the Senator to be disciplined by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

“It is deeply wounding for same-sex attracted people to have their relationships demeaned in this way and we call for Senator Bernardi to be disciplined by Coalition leader, Tony Abbott.” said AME National Convener Rodney Croome.

“Not one country that has allowed same-sex marriage has moved to legitimise polygamy or bestiality for the simply reason they’re not linked, legally, socially or culturally.

“Senator Bernardi’s offensive remarks will contribute to the all-too-high rates of suicide among young same-sex-attracted Australians.”

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