Bob Katter wants gay people to stop calling themselves gay

Independent MP Bob Katter wants gay people to stop using the word gay.

Appearing on Sky News last night Katter accused the LGBTI+ community of stealing “the most beautiful word in the English language” and warned that the word marriage was next to be captured.

A furious Katter said the word ‘gay’ was one of his favourite words because it featured in his high school English exam, which he says he got a very good mark of 84%.

Katter said his exam has featured Alexander Pope’s poem, Rape of the Lock, which a line “then Belinda smiled and all the world was gay”.

“It just conjured up a beautiful image, it was the most beautiful word in the English language, and (homosexuals) said, ‘Oh God we will take that word and we will have it as ours’,” Katter said.

“‘Oh they’ve got this thing called marriage, the other mob, we will take that too’. Well what else are they going to take? Are they going to take our freedom to say we don’t approve of what you are doing?”

The MP said he accepted that some people were “born that way” but he was not going to allow people to steal words from society.

“I don’t want them abrogating to themselves the right to take the most beautiful word in the English language and saying, ‘oh now that’s mine’,” he said.

“And then one of the most beautiful institutions in human history, marriage, and take that, and say ‘that’s mine’.

“If you want to have an arrangement of your own well have an arrangement of your own, call it what you like we will pass laws for you, but don’t take it off us.

“And that is what is happening here, they are taking it away from us, the same as the most beautiful word in the English language was taken away from all of us and they took it for themselves.”

The MP had previously claimed that there no gay homosexual people in his electorate of Kennedy in Queensland, and promised he’d walk backwards from Burke to Brisbane if there were.

During an appearance on the ABC program QandA comedian Josh Thomas offered to install Grindr on Katter’s mobile to help him locate any gay homosexual people.

After it was revealed gay homosexual people did indeed live within his electorate the MP failed to follow through on his promise.

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