Bookings Open for Gay Marriages in UK Consulates

Same Sex MArriage

Same sex marriages in UK consulates around Australia will be available from July 27th, with bookings open today.

UK consulates in Sydney and Perth are taking bookings for couples to lodge notices of intention to marry, and lodgement of notices can occur from June 12th with actual marriages occurring from July 17th. Other consulates around the country will soon follow.

Australian Marriage Equality Director Rodney Croome had this to say:

“Those Australian same-sex couples where one partner is British will now be able to marry in Australia with their family and friends, and not in another country.”

“Same-sex marriages in British consulates will renew the marriage equality debate by highlighting just how far Australia has fallen behind other countries including our closest friends and allies.”

“In particular, it will increase pressure on Tony Abbott to allow the Coalition party room a free vote on the issue, in line with basic Liberal principles.”

Same sex marriages that are performed under foreign law are still not legally recognized in Australia. A bill has recently been introduced to the Senate to recognize overseas same sex marriages on home soil, and has been sent to an inquiry.

“We’ll see a lot of indignation at the fact that the solemn vows couples make in British consulates in Australia count for nothing the moment the couples step outside the consulate and back on to Australian soil”, Mr Croome said.

“It is timely that a Senate committee is currently looking at the recognition of overseas same-sex marriages in Australian law and I urge supporters of marriage equality to make their views known to the inquiry.”

According to Mr Croome, about 300 Australian same sex couples have married in New Zealand since it became legal last year, and he expects similar numbers in UK consulates over the following year.

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