Boy George launches psychedelic ‘The Poor Little Greenie Show’

Boy George loves social media and is always posting to Twitter, but while in COVID-19 lockdown he’s ramped up his social media use and gone into overdrive.

Alongside regualr live streams with fans, and releasing a steady stream of new tunes and music from his latest dub album, he’s just put out a psychedelic series on his YouTube channel.

Branded ‘The Poor Little Greenie Show’, the promotional trailer and pilot episode see George appearing as a green skinned alien, a digital drag version of himself and several other characters.

The clips contains some lost club classics including Fierce Child’s Men Adore (A Whore) and George shares a new song of his own called The Lion and the Gemini. 

“The show will include interviews, music video and general stupidity.” Boy George says in the trailer clip.

Check out Bioy George’s recent dub output including this collaboration with Linton Kwesi Johnson.

OIP Staff

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