Boy George teams up with navigation app Waze for Pride month

It’s Pride Month around the world, as we head towards the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots at the end of the month, and businesses are finding all sorts of ways to show their support.

Navigation app Waze has teamed up with Boy George, and you can select the Culture Club star to be the voice of the app.

The iconic singer however does not tell you whether you need to head left or right, instead you get George sharing some catchy phrases including  “passion over fashion”, “life is about learning to be who you are”, and “every day is like survival, you’re the driver, not my rival!” So they’re directions in life as well as instructions on where you want to go to.

The app also allows you to change your car’s logo in a style designed by the singer, including being a Car-ma Chameleon,

Plus you can log into Spotify and listen to a playlist of songs selected by Boy George. Sylvester, Nina Simone, Bronski Beat, Divine, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure are included, alongside some of Boy George’s recent releases.

The singer will celebrate his 60th birthday this week, and has previously said he plans to release 60 songs to mark the occasion.

OIP Staff

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