“Bruh, everyone knows YOU didn’t do that” – Turnbull claims marriage equality

Australian rapper Briggs has had a dig at Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter, prompting the former Prime Minister to claim making marriage equality happen as one of his achievements while in office.

“Imagine you had half the spine you pretend you have now when you had the job?” Briggs asked Turnbull on Twitter on Sunday afternoon. It’s not clear what sparked the rappers comment, but the former PM had made a number of media appearances in recent days condemning the actions of US President Donald Trump.

Turnbull responded to the comment saying, “Sure, with half a spine I could have legalised same sex marriage.”

Briggs responded saying, “Bruh, everyone knows YOU didn’t do that.”

It’s not the first time the former Prime Minister has claimed the protracted pathway to allowing marriage equality as one of his greatest achievements.

The claim sparked a wave of responses from members of the LGBTIQ+ communities who were not impressed with the former Prime Minister’s claim.

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