Christopher Monckton: Homosexuals Have Short Miserable Lives

Christopher Mockton

Lord Christopher Monckton, Third Vicount Monckton of Benchley, has published a scathing attack on the gay community claiming homosexuals have up to 20,000 sexual partners.

Lord Monckton wrote in his opinion piece that HIV was primarily a disease of homosexuals and drug users, and officials refusal to describe it as such – has led to the death of 36 million people.

The conservative British politician has thrown his support behind Victorian Upper House candidate Rosalie Crestani and the Rise Up Australia party.

Last week Ms Crestani, who is currently a local councilor at the City of Casey in Melbourne, called for the city to stop providing diversity training and making public reference to the LGBTIQ community.

Writing on the right-wing website WND Commentary Lord Monckton describes the gay and lesbian community as an ever expanding alphabet of sexual deviancy. Throughout the article he describes the LGBTIQ community as the QWERTY’s – a reference to the keyboard layout.

Lord Monckton claims that evidence shows that homosexuals on average have 500- 1000 partners, while some have as many as 20,000 sexual partners.

Breaking Down 20,000 Sexual Partners

To have 20,000 sexual partners would take 54 years, if you had one sexual partner a day.

Of course if you consistently had threesomes, you could work through 20,000 in a little over 27 years.

Other studies however have shown that the average gay man has just 2.3 partners per year.

In his article the controversial commentator describes HIV as primarily a disease of homosexuals and drug users and claims that officials are reluctant to admit that it’s responsible for the death of 36 million people worldwide.

Lord Monckton claims that research uncovered by Councillor Crestani shows that gay people are promiscuous, have sexual transmitted diseases, a high prevalence of HIV consequently homosexuals have “short, miserable lives and high death rate”.

Describing the gay lifestyle as a “death style” Lord Monckton argues that only 0.5% of the population is gay and that the gay community has carefully shifted the debate about homosexuality away from the sexual practices that gay people undertake. Monckton claims that all Proctologists are “sick of having to repair the gross damage caused by deviant sexual practices.”

Who is Lord Christopher Monckton?

Christopher Monckton is the Third Vicount Monckton of Benchley, a hereditary peer in Britain. As Lord Monckton inherited his title after the law was changed in 1999, hence he does not receive a seat in the House of Lords.

Lord Monckton has claimed that the 1999 law which stopped hereditary peerages as unconstitutional and has decribed himself as an honorary or non-voting member of the house. This led to the Clerks of Parliament taking the unusal step of publishing an online notice clarifying that no such position exists.

Lord Monckton was previously a journalist and he has claimed to be a scientific adviser to Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher. THis claim has been disputed by others close to the late Prime Minster.  He was the Deputy Leader of Britain political group UKIP for a period. He has stood for election in Britain several times but has never successfully gained a seat.  He is a member of the Roman Catholic Mass Media Commission,

Lord Monckton is best known for his writing and public speaking arguing that climate change is not occurring. In 1987 Monckton called for all HIV+ people to be quarantined for life and called for the entire population to have monthly blood tests. Lord Monckton has since declared that such a move would be impossible today, but if it has been undertaken millions of lives would have been saved.


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