Crystal Methyd & Heidi N Closet are touring Australia in 2021

RuPaul’s Drag RaceĀ season 12 has found its winner with a nail-biting digital finale, and six of the fan favourite queens are heading around Australia in 2021.

Top 3 queen Crystal Methyd and Miss Congeniality Heidi N Closet will be heading around the country with In The Dark next February.

Crystal won RuPaul’s heart with her El Debarge mullet, and took fans by surprise with her ingenious finale puppetry and pinata inspired look, and Heidi’s antics in the workroom and on the main stage won the favour of her peers in this year’s Miss Congeniality cast vote.

Crystal and Heidi join In The Dark’s roster of season 12 tours, with Jackie Cox and Jan hitting Connections on April 1st, and Gigi Goode and Rock M Sakura take over the Court this December.

Season 12’s crowned winner, Jaida Essence Hall, is also appearing at In The Dark’s Sickening Ball in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Crystal Methyd and Heidi N Closet will be at The Court on February 25th. For tickets and more information head to

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