Daniel Andrews wins a third term in Victorian state election

Daniel Andrews’ Labor government was returned for a third term in Saturday night’s Victoria state election.

The incumbent government is on track to retain at least 50 of the 88 lower house seats and may yet exceed the 55-seat result in achieved at the 2018 election.

Following an ugly election campaign, the Premier said it was clear the community were over divisive politics and were looking for positivity and a plan for the future.

“They said, ‘No, we want a positive plan’,” Andrews told reporters on Sunday morning. “Our politics might be divided but our community is united. Whether you voted for us or not, we’ll work hard and get things done.”

The premier said the large swings, as much as 15%, against Labor in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne showed that his team still had a lot of work to do.

In his acceptance speech before the party faithful on Saturday night, Premier Andrews said the state had been through some tough years and his government had faced hard decisions.

“These last few years have been incredibly challenging. We’ve had to make so very difficult decisions, some very tough decisions, and Victorians families and business right across our state have had a very difficult time. ” Andrew said.

The premier said that the “we are all in this together” motto had brought Victorians together and it was a theme that continued through is re-election campaign.

“Friends, hope always defeats hate.” Andrews said, to rousing cheers from the crowd.

Just Equal welcomes election result

The re-election of the Andrews government has been welcomed by LGBTIQA+ rights organisation Just Equal.

The advocacy group said the election result sends a clear message to the federal and other state governments that strong support for LGBTIQA+ equality is not an electoral liability.
Spokesperson, Sally Goldner, said the election result proved tired adages were no longer true.
“We hear again and again that strong support for LGBTIQA+ equality costs votes.
“Yet, the Andrews’ Government, which has passed laws against conversion practices, removed anti-LGBTIQA+ discrimination exemptions for faith-based organisations and allowed trans people to amend our birth certificates without medical intervention, has been comfortably re-elected.”
“The message to the federal government and other state governments is clear: by like Dan Andrews, be bold on LGBTIQA+ equality.” Goldner said.
“Dan Andews’ declaration that ‘hope always defeats hate’, should be the motto of Anthony Albanese and every state premier when it comes to LGBTIQA+ equality.
Sally Goldner said there is still much to be done in Victoria to achieve justice and equality for LGBTIQA+ people.
“In Victoria an urgent and overdue reform is a ban on unnecessary medical intervention on children with variations of sex characteristics.”
“It is also urgent for Victoria to meet the same standard as Tasmania when it comes to gender reform by allowing people the choice to remove gender from their birth certificates.”
“We urge the re-elected Andrews’ Government to act on these and other reforms as a matter of high priority.”

Andrews promised LGBTIQA+ communities millions of dollars of funding during election campaign

In the lead up to the election the Andrews government committed investing mover $22million to support LGBTIQA+ community organisations, health care services and pride events.

During the election Labor highlighted their track record in banning conversion therapy, delivering adoption equality, and delivering a historic apology for past convictions for homosexuality.

The government also promoted its development of the massive Victoria Pride Centre, and the establishment of Australia’s first Equality Minister and the creation of an LGBTIQA+ Commissioner.

The funding includes support for the festival Midsumma, peer support service Switchboard, media organisation JOY 94.9, Minus18 and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, with $8 million to celebrate and connect the LGBTIQ+ community.

A $9.7 million investment will boost the number of community and mental health providers that are Rainbow Tick accredited by around 200, delivering better care for LGBTIQ+ Victorians and making sure they are safe and included.

The government has also promised to invest $4.5 million to set up a pilot program to address the needs of ageing LGBTIQ+ Victorians. The Pride in Ageing pilot will be designed with LGBTIQ+ communities, the Commissioner for Senior Victorians and Switchboard.

“Only Labor is doing what matters – reinforcing that equality is not negotiable in Victoria.” the Premier said during the campaign. “We’re proud to stand with LGBTIQ+ communities against discrimination and hate and make sure they are supported, safe, celebrated and equal.”

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