‘Drag Time Music Hall’ camps up the classics for the whole family

A foursome of local drag gems have teamed up to co-produce a family friendly showcase that’s reaching for the stars and packed full of heart.

Skye Scraper, Moxie Heart, Rhonda Civic and Miss Cara – with special guest Perri Prism – present Drag Time Music Hall: An All-Ages Vaudeville of Classics and Campery, carefully curated to entertain everyone from nine to ninety-nine.

“Our track list spans the decades to serve nostalgia and also features new and obscure tracks to share something current and unique,” Miss Scraper explains.

“And of course, it’s all very camp!”

The team explain the idea for the show was born out of their battle for the Pop Royalty crown at Connections Nightclub.

“During Pop Royalty, the queens involved were frequently required to work together to create group and duo acts. It allowed us to work with people we hadn’t worked with before, and really get to know each other’s style, strengths and skill set,” Skye continues.

She approached Moxie, Cara and Rhonda individually to pitch an all-ages drag show, with an ambition to make Perth’s unique and diverse drag scene accessible to all, especially young people, queer youth and individuals who have never been to a drag show in the club.

Skye was uniquely positioned to shape a drag show from an outsiders point of view, after collaborating with author Craig Silvey as a drag consultant as he was writing his much-lauded novel Honeybee.

“Honeybee was accessible to all, and it changed mindsets. It spawned empathy and understanding for transgender youth and the LGBTQIA+ community,” Skye explains.

“I want to continue sharing the narrative and re-writing perceptions, especially for young people and the future parents of rainbow youth, by making drag and queer culture accessible to all. The members of our community, and the future members, deserve it.”

Opening to two sell-out venues over the weekend, Moxie says the feedback has been incredible, with praise coming from young folks and their families.

“Children were getting up and dancing, and afterwards we had so many families approaching us for a photo and a chat,” Moxie said of the group’s special appearance at Fringe World’s Sunday Funday.

“For many of those kids, it would have been their first time seeing and interacting with drag artists. It was really quite special and a wonderful opportunity to share what Drag Time Music Hall is all about.”

Dance into Drag Time Music Hall from Jan 18 – 23 at Girls School, and at Bunbury Fringe on Jan 28. For tickets and more information, head to fringeworld.com.au

Image: Linda Dunjey

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