The Last Supper

Matt Groening parodied Leonardo da Vinci’s the last supper, placing Homer Simpson as Jesus with his fellow drinking budies of Moe’s tavern around him. When Sci-Fi Series Battlestar Galatica launched their final season the seductive Cylon Six sat in the centre. For fantasy TV show Lost it was Locke who held court, while for The Sopranos and House the choice was never in doubt with Tony Soprano and Gregory House front and centre. David LaChapelle filled his last supper with homeboys. Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, Batman and Luke Skywalker have all taken part.

This month our print edition features a fabulous cover shot taken by Angelo Di-Benedetto featuring members of our community gathering for supper, all interesting characters from ‘the scene’

We hope you pick up a copy of the magazine and take some time to gaze deep into our cover image, maybe it’ll make you think about friends and community, maybe it’ll spark off coversations about religion, maybe you’ll work out how many diamonds are on the table or maybe you’ll just decide to invite people around for dinner more often. We hope it’s a conversation starter.

The October edition is our first issue in our new magazine format, inside we continue our series of stories on the practical implications of being HIV+, chat to Missy Higgins, check out opera, ballet and theatre. We get literate with Cyndi Lauper, Benjamin Law and William Cadwallader, and John-Michael Swinbank remebers our dear friend Edgar Metcalfe. Many of the stories are also available here online.

Happy Pridefest 2012!

Graeme Watson

[email protected]

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