Eric Abetz: it will be difficult to hold the plebiscite in 2016

Eric Abetz

Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz has said it will be too difficulty for the government to hold the plebiscite on marriage equality before the end of the year.

Speaking to ABC radio earlier today Senator Abetz said the plebiscite legislation would need to go through proper processes and it was unlikely that it would be completed in 2016.

During the election the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has assured voters that he was confident that the plebiscite would conducted before the end of the year.

Senator Abetz, who is a vocal supporter of traditional marriage, said it was important that the government didn’t rush the process of setting up the plebiscite.

“Everybody should be concerned if something as fundamental as changing our foundational institution of society, if the plebiscite on that were rushed,” Senator Abetz said.

“I would hope the question is properly ventilated and considered, that the underpinning legislation is considered by the House of Representatives, by a Senate committee et cetera, so I think due process has to take place.

“And then of course we need a proper period for the varying views to be canvassed in a campaign, and so whether we can still sneak that in before the end of the year, I think that will be difficult.”

The senator’s comments on the timing of the plebiscite were just part of his scathing attack on his own party’s election performance. In particular Senator Abetz was critical of the government’s superannuation policy, calling for the government to change it’s policy.

Senator Abetz also advocated for former Prime Minister Tony Abbott to be given a front-bench position in the new government.

Labor’s Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus said Senator Abetz was just interested in delaying the issue of marriage equality.

“Abetz says he doesn’t want plebiscite by year’s end – marriage equality delayed again just like Abbott planned.” Dreyfus posted to his Twitter account.

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