Eye catching artist Dyan Tai sings about ‘Freedom’

Malaysian-born, Sydney-based artist Dyan Tai has just released his latest track Freedom.

Tai is known for his liberating lyrics and live-performances, the self-described “Asian empress of the gay streets of Sydney” explores being free in both life and love when it seems unrealistic or impossible to do so.

Described as an “ethereal, slinky dance track”, Freedom highlights Tai’s vocals, as the track pushes the boundaries of the male voice by hitting notes at the top of the vocal range. Musically, Freedom is inspired by traditional Chinese music, using instruments such as the Guzheng in the melody.

“I spent a lot of time during my childhood in Malaysia not living authentically and not being the best version of myself,” Tai says. Freedom (自由) is a celebration of our truest potential. The song is about self- love and self-respect by living truthfully. When we find freedom, it will wash away our insanity.” TYai said of his new tune.

Dyan Tai is recognised for his edgy performances that are a yin and yang blend of modern pop music influenced by Asian instrumentation, tradition and fashion. Tai continues to raise awareness of Queer & Trans People of Colour (QTPOC) visibility by recently creating WORSHIP performance and dance party in Sydney; and spreading messages of equality at underground queer parties in Asia.

He is one of the shortlisted artists selected to participate in Performance Space’s Queer Development Program and which will take place in 2021 as part of Sydney Mardi Gras Festival.

Armed with his mirror-coated keytar, Dyan Tai has performed to audiences across the country. He is a regular performer at Sydney Mardi Gras and queer parties such as Tropical Fruits, Unicorns, Heaps Gay and underground cabaret shows.

Currently, Tai is a resident performer and DJ at The Imperial Hotel, Poof Doof and is also involved with various cabaret and queer parties across Sydney.

Freedom is available on all platforms now.

Source: Media Release, Image: Markham Lane.

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