The Fabularis Luciana


What have you been up to since we chatted last year? Working and writing so much, I feel like my brain is exploding. We wrote a track for Britney on her new album. The tracks called ‘BodyAche’, that was a lovely feeling. We’ve been working on new acts across the world, I wrote DJ Havanna Browns single ‘Warrior’ which is doing well in Oz, I love her and I’ve also my own project with the Cataracs and some more exciting producers.

What tunes have you got coming up in 2014? I’ve been a busy little bee, I am just working on a track with Hardwell right now so fingers crossed for that one, also Arian Lux and a few more little surprises up my sleeve. Watch this space!

How wild and crazy is your appearance at Connections Nightclub going to be?  It’s going to be crazy night filled with high heels, naughty club dirt electro and a big dollop of cheek,w e are gonna have fun fun fun!!!

What’s it been like teaming up with Cazwell? God I’m a bit gooey for Cazwell, I’m in love with him, his brain, his rhymes and his humour. We had a total blast on the video. It was a pleasure to work with him, he’s full of cheekiness you know, and you gotta love the cheekiness.

In our office, We’ve described so many things as being ‘hot like chilli pepper!’ since your track with Cazwell came out, we need a new expression – what do you say too much? I think I say “fabularis” too much (my new expression) and “ooh that pure sexology”,and “how glamourous”. I also say “I’m slightly confuzzled”, that’s my new word for confused and puzzled, also the one I alway use is ‘”you CAN’T put a lid on glamour”’…try it, it’sa fabularis!

As the Queen of Electro what special privileges do you get?  I get to eat sandwiches with the crust off with the actual Queen whilst watching the BBC, it’s all VERY exciting. She loves the club dirt does the Queen.

Luciana is appearing at Connections Nightclub on Saturday 2nd March

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