Peter Madden apologises for linking shooting and marriage equality

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Family First candidate Peter Madden has apologised for linking the Orlando massacre with the prospect of marriage equality in Australia.

The Tasmanian Senate candidate took to Twitter shortly after news of the Orlando shooting broke and said that although the shooting in America was abhorrent the prospect of same sex couples marrying in Australia was a danger.

“Though Orlando is abhorrent, it doesn’t change the real & present dangers of the gay marriage agenda to Aus children”, the aspiring politician wrote.

The Family First candidate has defended his statement saying he was responding to a message from someone who had criticised his campaign trailer and made a connection between the two issues.

Madden’s trailer that includes messages opposing marriage equality had drawn criticism previously, but many felt it was inappropriate for him to be driving it around the streets of Tasmania the day after 49 people had been killed in Orlando.

Madden has said that since he posted his tweet he’s been bombarded with vitriol from people who disagree with him.

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Speaking to SKY News Madden said that his message about “gay marriage” had nothing to do with what happened in Orlando but he was eager to keep up his campaign.

“It’s a great tragedy that has happened and I grieve for what has happened in Orlando but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve got to go on campaigning for an election that is coming in less than three weeks.” Madden said, before quickly changing his wording.

In a later tweet Madden said connecting the Orlando shootings and “gaymarriage” was detestable and argued that supporters of marriage equality should support free speech.

Madden previously stated that people who attend the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras are ‘sexually amoral”.

In his campaign materials the Family First candidate refers to the Prime Minister as ‘Mardi Gras Malcolm’ and has based his campaign on his opposition to marriage equality and the Safe Schools Coalition program.

Madden has now told that he plans to remove the material from his website and focus on the wider issues that are part of the family first campaign.

Before moving to Tasmania and joining Family First Madden ran in New South Wales state election for Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats.  The Christian pastor has spoken openly about his addiction to sex and pornography and authored a number of Christian books.

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