Fierravanti-Wells says time might run out for Religious Freedom laws


Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says there is a chance the third iteration of the Religious Freedom laws might not get passed because the government will run out of time.

The senator made the observation during an online discussion hosted by conservative group Family Voice Australia.

Attorney General Michaelia Cash is currently developing the government’s next version of the long promised laws, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised that they’ll be introduced into parliament before the end of the year, but Senator Fierravanti-Wells says from a purely logistical perspective there’s a chance they’ll not be passed during this term of government.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells said it is likely the legislation would be referred to a Senate Committee for deeper analysis.

“Which would raise all the issues again of consultation, the submissions, etcetera. So given where we stand at the moment, and I’m only looking at it from a purely logistical perspective, for that to properly happen, it is possible that that committee will still be undertaking hearings and the matter may not have been considered by the senate, depending on when the election is.”

Senator Fierravanti-Wells said there were deep divisions between each party over the issue of the Religious Freedom legislation. However, there are also reports of significant division within the coalition.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison must call an election before 21st May 2022, unless he takes the highly unusual step of opting for separate elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Parliament returns on 18th October and there are only twelve sitting days remaining for the Senate and sixteen sitting days for the House.

Writing in OUTinPerth this week leading LGBTIQA rights advocate Rodney Croome said it was time for the government to completely scrap the proposal to introduce the laws.

Graeme Watson

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