Fraser Anning signs up former One Nation candidate David Archibald

Fraser Anning’s lead senate candidate for Western Australia will be David Archibald, a former One Nation candidate who thinks gay people should have been “bred out” via evolution.

Archibald previously stood for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation at the Western Australian election. During that campaign several remarks he’d made and articles he’d written were highlighted.

Since that campaign Archibald has written a new piece for Quadrant where he laments that evolution should have removed gay people from the gene pool by now.

“Theoretically, same-sex attraction should have been bred out of the population long ago, yet it persists.” Archibald wrote in his 2017 piece on same-sex marriage.

In a 2015 opinion piece for the same publication Archibald argues that marriage is not merely a social construct, and said those who wish to change it and challenging the norms of mating and reproduction. He wrote that only a “degenerate culture” would make a change to who is allowed to marry.

Archibald claimed that allowing couples who are not focused on procreating to marry would lead to the institution of marriage being devalued and an increasing number of divorces and abandoned children.

“That can only lead to a bitter harvest of broken marriages and abandoned children if the notion of marriage is cheapened and lessened and broadened by including people who are not entering into the state of married bliss in order to produce offspring.” Archibald wrote.

“It is not about a pair of homosexuals being able to look gooey-eyed at each other, it is about undermining civilisation and making our culture more like African-American culture with its 70% illegitimacy rate.”

Back in 2015 Archibald was also was under fire for comments he wrote about single mothers. Archibald suggested that single mothers were too lazy or ugly to find a mate.

In the article Archibald wrote; “are women too lazy to attract and hold a mate, undoing the work of possibly three million years of evolutionary pressure”.

Fraser Anning has vowed to push for Australia’s marriage equality laws to be reversed if he is successfully re-elected to parliament.

He originally entered parliament under the One Nation banner replacing MP Malcolm Roberts who was deemed ineligible due his dual citizenship.

Anning quit the party before his first day in the chamber and sat as an independent, he then joined Katter’s Australia Party, but the union was short lived and he was ejected from the party for making comments that were deemed to be racist. He subsequently launched his own party Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.

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