Fraser Anning vows to repeal same-sex marriage laws

Queensland senator Fraser Anning has declared he’ll fight to repeal Australia’s same-sex marriage laws. The conservative politician took to Twitter this morning to remind everyone he’s not in favour of same sex couples being allowed to wed.

“I am committed to repealing same sex marriage laws. Marriage can only ever be the union between a man and a woman.” Senator Anning posted.

Senator Anning previously voted against the marriage equality bill when it was before parliament.

The outspoken politician joined the parliament when One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts was deemed to be ineligible due to holding dual citizenship. Although he was elected on the One Nation ticket Senator Anning quit the party before he arrived in Canberra.

He subsequently joined Bob Katter’s Australia party but caused controversy with his inaugural speech where he argued against non-European immigration and called for a “final solution”. Anning was eventually kicked out of the Katter party.

Now he’s forming his own political party which he hopes to call Fraser Annings National Conservatives. The application for the party name has been lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission but other political parties have raised objections to the name.

The party however has begun putting out its policy statements, it’s third objective is “family values” where the party outlines it is opposed to same-sex marriage, abortion and euthanasia and the Safe Schools anti-bullying program.

OIP Staff