Gamble Breaux shares her love for the LGBTIQ+ community

Real Housewife of Melbourne Gamble Breaux was recently visiting Perth from the east coast, in preparation for her appearance at Adelaide’s Feast Festival.

On the last season of Real Housewives of Melbourne, Gamble told audiences about how her hearing issues had forced her to put her music career on hold – and now she’s re-entering the music world with the support of her family and fans.

We caught up with Gamble for a quick chat while she was in town about her musical future, and her love for the LGBTI+ community ahead of her headlining performance at South Australia’s queerest celebrations.

Speaking to OUTinPerth, Gamble admits she put together her special Feast Festival song in the two days she was visiting her musical team at Hammerspace here in WA.

“The trick to writing a song is going in with as many as ideas as you think are possible! We decided to do a songwriting session because we wanted something particularly for Feast,” Gamble shared.

“Everything that I found lyrically that I felt fit was right! I wanted an anthem, and it’s definitely a dance song with a great beat to it.”

Gamble says she found her connection to the queer community during her youth, spending a lot of time on Oxford Street… and unintentionally dating a gay man.

“I never felt comfortable in straight clubs. I didn’t realise but the guy who I thought was my boyfriend was actually a gay man… he broke the news to me after a while because I was just so dumb,” she laughed.

“It turns out I’d just found a home in the gay community. That’s where I spent most of my time. It’s always been a vibrant fun community, I’ve always fit in there better than anywhere else.”

“I know that’s not the greatest introduction, but that’s just how it turned out!”

Gamble says she was honoured to be able to write her own tune for the LGBTI+ community, as music is where her passion lies.

“I’m actually proud of what we’re doing. I think it’s different to anything else out there!,” she said.

“I hate to sound like my grandmother, but music’s changed a lot since I was on there scene. It needs a bit of a kick in the ass I think!”

Gamble Breaux is headlining Adelaide Feast Festival this November – stay tuned for more music and news about Real Housewives of Melbourne!

Leigh Andrew Hill

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