Get your dancing shoes on for some Beyonce moves


Last year we sent Leigh Hill out to check out the Fringe World show Bey Dance Flawless: Beyonce Flashmob. 

Little did he know that the show involved him taking part in a dance class and then proceeding to a public flash mob. Leigh loved the experience though and gave the show a four star review.

“Bey Dance Flawless offers a friendly, fun crash course in dance, performance and finding confidence in yourself that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to break out of their comfort zone.” Leigh said after he busted out some moves.

The team hehind the show invite everyone to join them for some high energy, tongue in cheek and welcoming workshops. Whether you are a beginner, Boyonce, Bey Fan, Bey hater (otherwise known as future Bey Fans) Bey Dance will have you nailing those walks like nobody’s business and mastering the finest hairography this side of Hay Street.

The Bey Dance Run the World Workshops are back for Fringe World 2017 and classes commence from Sunday 29th January. Tickets are available from Fringe World.


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