Get Down to the Speak Easy


Perfectly housed in the Perth Town Hall ‘Speak Easy’ is a classy Fringe experience with excellent performances.

Drawing on the music and styles of the period after the Great War this show takes us through the 1920’s and 1930’s with a nod to the politics and social movements across Europe and America.

When you step inside the grand Perth Town Hall you time travel back to a world of live jazz, torch songs and political cabaret.

Featuring the nine piece Perth Cabaret Collective and hosted by Nick Maclaine this crew delivered polished music with a relaxed realism. Singer Jessie Gordon is superb, her vocals are flawless, she encapsulates the style of the time and delivers each song with charisma and charm.

DSC_0046FringeWEBGordon’s appearing in a host of shows during the festival including ‘Dirty Jazz’, ‘Fever: The Music of Peggy Lee’, ‘The Swing Revue’ and ‘The Hardships of Manhood’, if she’s as good in those shows as she is in ‘Speak Easy’ – grab some tickets before they sell out.

DSC_0035FringeWEBThe band are great musicians but deliver their performance with a perfect casual attitude, it’s makes the audience sit back and relax at their tables, drinking wine and nibbling cucumber sandwiches, which could be ordered from the bar.

Highlights of the show included a gorgeous rendition of ‘Love for Sale’ from Jessie Gordon, Nick Maclaine’s dleivery of ‘Mack the Knife’ and so much brilliant jazz.


‘Speak Easy’ is at The Perth Town Hall until Sunday January 25th. Head to for tickets. 

Graeme Watson


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