Grindr takes action on online drug sales

grindr2Hook-up app Grindr has made changes to it’s system to inhibit people from openly advertising drug sales in their profiles.

WEHOville, based in West Hollywood highlighted the issue last month, and noted OUTinPerth’s report from earlier this year.

The media attention lead to politicians from West Hollywood, where Grindr’s head offices are located, demanding a meeting with the companies CEO to discuss the issue.

Grindr is now blocking cloud emojis from being used in people’s profiles as well as other key phrases and symbols related to illegal drug use.

While images of clouds and the cloud emoji often symbolise methamphetamine use, the company has also taken action against images, phrases and symbols related to the sale of MDMA.

Representatives from Grindr have not responded to media requests over the ongoing issue.

Back in February WA’s Police Minister Liza Harvey told OUTinPerth that she was aware of the issue.

“All law enforcement agencies are aware of the issue of drugs being brought and sold online.” Minister Harvey said.

“Much of the work undertaken by WA Police in this area cannot be discussed due to operational reasons, however if a complaint is received by police, further inquiries will be carried out into the matter.’

Graeme Watson


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