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Henderson Skene is a new dating agency that caters for LGBTIQ+ people. We asked Josh and Ryan, the duo behind the service their advice on having a great date and why a matchmaking service might be a good choice.

What was the inspiration to start Henderson Skene Introductions?

We had both experienced the Perth gay online dating scene which we believed to be overly sexualised and very ‘transactional’.

We also found it to be unsafe, lack privacy and full of fake and misleading profiles. We did some market research and found that like us, others wanted a more wholesome alternative to online dating but had no other alternatives to these online services.

For these reasons, we were motivated to create a service for people who were serious about finding a long-term relationship. Additionally, we wanted to create a ‘game changing’ service for the LBGTIQ community that promoted a positive, healthy gay lifestyle.

When someone signs up to a service such as yours, what is it that you offer?

An individual who signs up with us will receive a fully personalised, confidential and certified Matchmaking service. Everything we do is for our members.

Firstly, we meet with our clients face to face, to get to know them, their relationship goals and partner preferences. We then use this to construct their confidential profile, which we use to present them in their best light to compatible matches.

Common Errors To Avoid

  • Bringing previous experiences to a new conversation. Be sure to approach a new experience with a fresh mindset. 
  • Treating their date or wait staff with disrespect. Yes, we have other things going on in our lives, but this should not impact the experience. 
  • Being dishonest. Nerves aside, being honest from the start lays great foundations of trust and respect which are important for potential future developments. 
  • Dating too soon. Before ‘jumping back in’, give yourself enough time to learn and grow from previous experiences. 
  • Dating for the sake of dating. Take some time to figure out what you really want, so you can invest your time wisely. 
  • Not being ‘present’. Be sure to pay attention to your date by focusing on them and ignoring distractions. 
  • Sticking to old dating habits. Trying a new approach to ‘how you date’ might help a new experience to be more successful. 
  • Not being yourself. Give your date the chance to get to know the REAL you. 
  • Going against personal values. Make sure you know what you value and stick to it.

We provide membership options that are tailored to an individuals dating goals. Ultimately, we become their ‘love life PT’, taking care of their love life so they can focus on other aspects of their life. We are always touching base with our clients to provided ongoing support. 

What do people get from a dating agency that they don’t get from social media apps or old fashioned dating rituals? 

Personalised Service – Unlike most online dating websites and apps, our clients receive a fully personalised service with their own personal matchmaker. 

Real People – Our clients meet real people with a real interest in them. Instead of spending hours online, our clients can invest time in making a real connection.

Safety & Security – All our members are required to go through a pre-screening process before attending an Introduction, which are held in public venues. During an Introduction, the client’s Matchmaker is ‘on call’ just in case. Also, the personal details of all members are kept confidential.

Feedback – Following an Introduction, all members will provide and receive constructive feedback. This is something that people wouldn’t usually receive if they date alone and it allows them to improve their dating skills.

Compatibility – Instead of individuals having to search for ‘random’ people, we bring compatible matches to them. Matches who align with their core values, goals and interests.

Certified Service – we are certified and supported by the dating industry leaders at the Matchmaking Institute. 

What type of people find a match-making service useful?

Our services are useful for people who find that the current dating services do not work for them and who are serious about finding a meaningful relationship. Additionally, our services are for individuals who may not have enough time to devote to their love life or who aren’t into the ‘gay scene.’

What makes a good date?

For starters, a good date needs to start with a ‘good foundation’ of both individuals knowing they are both there for the right reasons. Honesty is key. It may sound cliche, but being yourself really is the best way to approach a new dating experience. Balancing the conversation. Taking the opportunity to listen will not only show you are interested, but will allow for better conversation. Not taking the date too seriously. Making sure to have fun and enjoy the experience. Dressing to impress. Make a good first impression by looking your best. Being polite to your match and service staff. 

How do you make sure there is a second date?

Prior to the Introduction, the individuals are matched based on compatibility and given a profile summary of their match so they can get a sense of who they are. In comparison to online dating, individuals are able to develop a true sense of their match before meeting them, which puts them in a better position to truly connect and look towards a second date. Unfortunately, we can’t create chemistry and if an introduction doesn’t go so well, we can use feedback from both individuals to make the next one more successful.

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